Welcome to our Website. Islamabad is no doubt one of the most beautiful capital cities around the world. It has got everything, from a good metropolitan life to outdoor adventures. People from everywhere visit this city to enjoy the stunning sights from the hilltop at Monal. There are a few adventurous hiking tracks which are usually crowded by people of all ages, gender and races.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available beyond the few overt sites to enjoy the nature. What if we tell you Islamabad has got dozens of most beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails in the Margalla hills. Most of the Hiking Trails are suitable for Day Hikes and some are also available for multi-day long hiking trips which can lead to the beautiful mountain ranges of the north. Similarly, there are quite a few pure off-road mountain biking trails in the hills and the forests which can satiate any adventure enthusiast.


We are here to promote our beautiful city, as a perfect place for the adventure loving people. Information about every possibility of adventure will be shared on the website. The main target is the Hiking and Mountain Biking, but its not limited to those. Information about other similar outdoor adventure sports will also be highlighted.

The Hiking and Mountain Biking Routes are shared in the page with detailed map and elevation profile. There is also option to download the maps to be used by the GPS devices like Garmin, TomTom, etc for the navigation purposes.


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