Hiking to the Highest Point of the Margallas – Tila Charouni

Hiking to the Highest Point of the Margallas – Tila Charouni

Not many know this place but when you view the beautiful Margalla Hills from Islamabad, you might have seen the highest point which can be identified by the tall Telecom Microwave Antenna installed on top. The place is called Tila Charouni. It is 1586m above sea level. Upon reaching the top, one can view Miranjani and Mushkpuri, the top peaks of the Galiyat region as well as the hills of Murree and Kotli Sattian.

There are different routes one can follow to enjoy hiking to the top.

1)Short Hike from PirSohawa.
One can start from the PirSohawa near Isloo Grill Restaurant to enjoy the short but thrilling hike to the highest point of the Margalla Hills. The hiking grade is easy for most and suitable for families and young kids.

Total distance: 7.86 km
Max elevation: 1581 m
Min elevation: 1151 m
Total climbing: 679 m

2) Long Hike from the Bari Imam Mazaar.
There is a challenging version of the hiking to Tila Charouni. It starts from the base of the Margalla Hills near the Bari Imam Shrine. Its around 10Km of long hiking with big elevation gain. It is not recommended for novice hikers.

Total distance: 22.58 km
Max elevation: 1586 m
Min elevation: 636 m
Total climbing: 1869 m

3) Long Hike via Loh Dandi Track

There is a Chillah Gah, a cave in the middle of the hills and a hiking trail goes to the cave. One can join the main Tila Charouni trail from the caves as well. It is also a very long hiking route and requires stamina.

The following map is actually the Uphill via the Loh Dandi track and downhill via the long route.

Total distance: 18.92 km
Max elevation: 1586 m
Min elevation: 637 m
Total climbing: 1621 m

Enjoy the Video in HD. We did this hike from the Loh Dandi all the way to the top.


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