The Second Ridge of the Margallas, Hiking and Biking Trail

The Second Ridge of the Margallas, Hiking and Biking Trail

The second Ridge of the Margalla Hills is rich with breathtaking views of the hills full of Pines. There are a few jeep tracks that go down towards the different valleys of the region and beyond to Khanpur. There is a spot in the track where you can view both Rawal Dam and the Khanpur Dam. The track is used both by bikers and hikers to explore the natural beauty of the Margalla Hills.

The track starts from a village near the Highland Country Club, called Makhniyal. The Lakes View Point is around 6Km into the track, and thats the point which is used by the day hikers to return from. There is a steep off-road descent after that point which goes towards the valley to a village called “Baghpur Dheri”. There are two options from that point, one is to return back to the right with some extreme off-road way of around 20Km back to the Pir Sohawa road. The other option is to go left towards Khanpur. The Jabbri road is around 5Km on that path.

1) Hiking Track to the Lakes View Point

The Hiking Track is full of stunning views all the way. It starts from Makhniyal village and towards the Lakes View Point. The more adventure seeking hikers can follow the track down into the valley and towards Khanpur as well. Usually the Day Hikers return from the Lakes View Point.

The best time to be at the Lakes View Point is at the Sunset time when one can see Sun setting behind the hills and Khanpur Dam.

Khanpur Lake viewed from the View Point
Khanpur Lake viewed from the View Point at Sunset


Hiking Map to Lakes View Point and Back:

Total distance: 12.74 km
Max elevation: 1518 m
Min elevation: 1409 m
Total climbing: 1064 m


2) Mountain Biking Beyond the Lakes View Point

Beyond the Lakes View Point, there are actually three different options that you can do if you are riding mountain bikes.

1. Do a Loop Back to Makhniyal via the Baghpur Dheri, the small town at the foot of the hill. The water stream in the middle make it a lovely place but the climb back is a tough offroad track of 15km.

Water Stream at Baghpur Dheri
Water Stream at Baghpur Dheri
Total distance: 16.49 km
Max elevation: 1521 m
Min elevation: 861 m
Total climbing: 911 m


2. Take a Left Turn after the Lakes View Point and exit at Talhaar Gokina, the valley near Monal. Its also a very scenic offroad track that crosses the second ridge and drops at the valley of the beautiful Gokina.

Total distance: 9.17 km
Max elevation: 1504 m
Min elevation: 1103 m
Total climbing: 395 m


3. Take a left Turn at the Baghpur Dheri and exit towards the Khanpur Lake. The options are open once you reach Khanpur, by either returning via Shah Allah Ditta or Sabray etc.

Beautiful MTB track
Beautiful MTB track


Watch the Video of the MTB-I Ride on the Second Ridge


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