PirSohawa-Ghora Gali, the Epic Day Hike and Biking Route

PirSohawa-Ghora Gali, the Epic Day Hike and Biking Route

The Best Long Hike/Bike Offroad Route in the Margalla Hills is the Epic Track that connects the Margalla Hills with the Murree Hills. The track starts from PirSohawa, 8Km from Monal, and passing through Pharilla and a few villages in the valleys, it ends at Lora Road near Ghora Gali. One can do it either way with similar elevation gain. Many people prefer to start from the Ghora Gali and end at PirSohawa due to slightly less difficult climbs.

Lovely View from the Trail
Lovely View from the Trail Photo Courtesy: MTB Islamabad


Looking towards the destination
Lovely View of the Trail Photo Courtesy: MTB Islamabad

The total distance of the Route is around 29Km and depending on the fitness level it can take upto 6-10 hours to complete the hike. On a clear day, beautiful mountains of the Kashmir and Hazara region are visible from the track. This track is ideal for someone who wants to condition his body for some long tiring trek in the northern region. A brief guide to doing this hike from either side is given below with downloadable route maps as well.

1) Guidelines to start the Hike from PirSohawa:

The starting point is near PirSohawa, about 8Km from the Monal Restaurant. Its small climb in the beginning which turns into more gradual gradient in the middle. At the end of the track, there is a steep climb. There are many villages one comes across in the beautiful valleys of the hills. Pharilla Rest House is first encountered after about 5Km of hiking. Its a beautiful place to spend some time. People usually do hiking upto this point to do picnics etc. After Pharilla, there are some steep climbs and a long stretch of hiking is done on top of the ridge. There are some beautiful views of the mountains from that part.

The Pine Valley
The Pine Valley Photo Courtesy: MTB Islamabad

The long hike can be tiring so it is advisable to stay hydrated and energized with ample amount of food. The track ends at a place called Malot which is actually about 2Km from the Ghora Gali on Murree road. One can find local bus or prefer to walk further to Murree Road to complete the adventure.

Total distance: 29.25 km
Max elevation: 1627 m
Min elevation: 1173 m
Total climbing: 2028 m

2) Guidelines to start the Hike from Ghora Gali:

One can start from the top point of the trail. The start point of the track is near Malot, which is 2Km from the Murree Road. One can get a bus or walk to that point. The good thing about this track is that there is a good amount of downhill portions, and the climbs are a bit less tougher than the uphill portion.

Total distance: 29.26 km
Max elevation: 1627 m
Min elevation: 1173 m
Total climbing: 1843 m


3) Guidelines to do Mountain Biking on the track

The Route is perfect for a day of doing mountain biking on the top of the ridges. Due to the nature of the climbs, its better to do the biking from the Ghora Gali to PirSohawa. The other way is also doable but it will be a lot tougher due to longer climbs that can exhaust you.

MTB on the Trail
MTB on the Trail


MTB on the Trail
MTB on the Trail  Photo Courtesy: MTB Islamabad


Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking   Photo Courtesy: MTB Islamabad


On both cases, its advisable to transport the bikes to the starting point and ride all the way to the end of the trail and continue riding to home. Another reason of preferring the Ghora Gali to PirSohawa route for cycling is that its easier and shorter distance to Islamabad from PirSohawa than Ghora Gali, so that one can reach Islamabad within half an hour from PirSohawa.

Watch and Enjoy the MTB Islamabad ride on the same route.


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