Official Mountain Biking Trail Margalla Hills

Official Mountain Biking Trail Margalla Hills

Although there are numerous Mountain Biking Trails available in the beautiful city of Islamabad, there is only one trail officially patronized by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The official trail starts near Islamabad Zoo, and it ends at the top of the hill near sector E-9 at a pass called “Boulder Pass”.

The first part of the Trail starts from the Marghazar Zoo. It stats behind the Zoo on the trail that goes in the hills. That trail (Hiking Trail2) goes towards DamneKoh, and one offshoot exits on the road near the entrance to the trail at Cafe Montana parking. After entering from the parking, it then joins the Hiking Trail 4 that goes towards Faisal Mosque. There is a part of the trail that goes back in the forest towards the Mardrassa and beyond. Its a great treat for the nature lovers.

From the Faisal Mosque, the second part goes towards E-8 and E-9 and passes the Klinjer Village near E-9. There is a singletrack that goes towards the hills along the water channel. It is one of the most beautiful part of the track. From Kalinjer Village there is another narrow singletrack that goes towards the Chauntra village after E-9. The trail goes towards the hill near the village Chauntra and ends at the top of the hill at a village called Kot Jandaan. The pass at Kot Jandaan is also called “Boulder Pass”. There will be a separate post on Boulder Pass. The Kot Jandaan trail will be covered separately in another post.


The Complete Track

Total distance: 18.22 km
Max elevation: 645 m
Min elevation: 586 m
Total climbing: 395 m


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